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WordPress Maintenance

My Web Maestro provides an affordable monthly maintenance service for WordPress websites, whether you are hosted with us or not.

To perform well and stay secure, your WordPress website needs to be regularly checked and updated. Effective maintenance includes performing software updates on WordPress and installed plugins, as well as optimization of images and databases.


Our WordPress Maintenance Plan Provides the Following...


No Contract Required

No legaleeze to read or contract to sign. You can pay monthly or annually (invoices are sent by email) and you can start or stop at any time. 


Weekly Offsite Backups

A backup of your website, stored in a separate location, helps ensure recovery if your website is hacked or your server crashes.


Monthly Reporting

A report in your inbox every month showing what has been updated, along with a summary of website traffic and status of your backups.


Updates & Troubleshooting

NO AUTOMATION! We go in by hand every month to update WordPress and any plugins, and troubleshoot any resulting conflicts. We even run a security audit to check for abandoned or dangerous plugins.


Premium Plugins

Our maintenance plan gives you access to a blacklist add-on for Gravity Forms giving you more ability to fight spammers, along with several other plugins to help with site performance, marketing, and more.


Image & Database Optimization, Software Security

We'll set up special software to optimize your images and database - this means your website will be faster. We also put 18 security measures in place to harden your WordPress core software.

All of this for just $25 per month!

(10% discount on Solo plan if paid annually)


What's the worst that could happen if you don't keep your website's software updated?

Best Case Scenario...

  • Website slows down over time as database accumulates unnecessary information (page and post revisions, etc.)
  • Errors start to appear (things stop working) as the outdated software no longer works correctly with the server's software
  • Risk of being hacked grows bigger and bigger as weaknesses in the older software are better known by hackers

Worst Case Scenario...

  • Hackers gain access to your compromised website and deface your page content with images or links or worse
  • Malware is injected into your website, infecting your visitor's computers
  • Google adds your domain name to their blacklist, preventing the website from displaying (visitors instead get a warning about the site being a danger to them)

Can't it just be set to update automatically?

There are many automated maintenance tools, and WordPress itself does allow for some automated settings for updates. However, it's best if the website is actually viewed by a human being during and after the update process, to make sure any software conflicts or issues are caught sooner rather than later. 

If there ARE conflicts or errors, and you're on our plan, there's no additional cost for us to troubleshoot and get your site back up and running. We're also able to catch potential future issues like discovering that a plugin has been removed from the WordPress repository and is no longer being maintained by it's developer. This can be a huge security risk for a website. 

We'll worry about your website so you don't have to.

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My Web Maestro does more than just keep your WordPress website updated and secure... visit us at to learn more about how we can help you make your website the best it can be.