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Website Maintenance

Content updates are often a key piece in most businesses marketing plans, and they can be a time consuming and, for some, overly technical process. We can make your life easier by updating your content for you! Call or email your content change request, and we'll take care of the rest. For occasional updates, we invoice hourly in fifteen minute increments at a rate of $120/hr. No contract is required, and you can use this service as little or as often as needed.

If your website needs regular content updates, we offer monthly maintenance plans that will let you receive a significant discount on our standard hourly rate.

If you have a WordPress website and want to make sure the software is always kept up to date we can be your set-it-and-forget-it. (Don't need to read more? Jump to the sign up.) If your website is also hosted with us, signing up for any of the maintenance plans gets you an upgrade to your hosting account thrown in for free!


Content Updates

If you don't have the time to keep your website content up to date, let us help! You can send needed changes and updates to us via email, fax, snailmail, or even courier pigeon (though in our experience, the pigeon method isn’t the most efficient.)

  • No contract required
  • Several choices for number of hours per month
  • Typically a 24 hour turn-around time for small updates
  • Includes WordPress Updates plan

WordPress Updates

If you have a WordPress website, whether or not it was built by us, we can keep your core software and all installed plugins up to date for you. Keeping your software up to date on a monthly basis is important in preventing hackers from defacing content or injecting malware.

  • No contract required
  • Weekly remote backups of your website
  • Troubleshooting any conflicts from updates
  • Security audit to detect abandoned plugins
  • Monthly report detailing what was updated
  • Free hosting upgrade (if hosting with us)
  • Database optimization / cleaning

When you sign up for a maintenance plan, we will set up an automatic invoice that you'll receive by email.  


WordPress Software Maintenance
Off-Server Website Backup
WordPress Core & Plugin Updates
Plugin Security Audit
Emailed Update Report
Free Hosting Upgrade
Database Optimized
For Occasional Content Updates
(includes Solo)
1 hour of content/design updates per month
20% discount on hourly rate
$96 / hour rate
For Regular Small Content Updates
(includes Solo)
5 hours of content/design updates per month
30% discount on hourly rate
$84 / hour rate
For Frequent Content Updates
(includes Solo)
10 hours of content/design updates per month
40% discount on hourly rate
$72 / hour rate
For Frequent Content Updates
(includes Solo)
25 hours of content/design updates per month
50% discount on hourly rate
$60 / hour rate

(NOTE: Additional hours requested beyond the plan's limit are billed at our normal hourly rate. Hours are not rolled over from month to month. You can cancel a plan at any time.)

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