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I’m seeing a charge from "dnh domain hosting services", is this legit?


If you Googled the description and found us as a result, it’s only because we’ve posted this information to try to help people, not because we have charged your card.

If your domain names are registered through our domain store ( then “dnh domain hosting services” is the name that will show up on your statement for domain name related charges. However, our domain store is managed through GoDaddy’s reseller program, and “dnh domain hosting services” is their generic payment processing descriptor. This means that any charge from GoDaddy or any of their thousands of resellers will also show that charge description on a statement.

ATTENTION: If you found this page through a web search, but have never worked with us here at My Web Maestro on a website, it’s most likely that the charge is related to another reseller and not us. It’s also possible your card information was stolen and used to make a purchase with GoDaddy or a domain reseller. If you’ve worked with us at any time in the past, please contact us and we’ll try to help track things down. IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF OUR CLIENTS, PLEASE CONTACT GODADDY DIRECTLY AT (480) 505-8877.

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