My Web Maestro

How do I pay my bill?

If you have a domain name through us, at, payment is typically made directly to the registrar via the payment method you put in place.

All other services (hosting, design, etc.) are invoiced via email from us, and will include links to allow for viewing the invoice and making payment online.

Alternately, you can always mail a check to:

My Web Maestro
3550 Executive Pkwy Ste 7 Box 157
Toledo, OH 43606

Please note: when paying an invoice for web hosting or any other recurring payment online, you can choose to have future payments drawn automatically (there should be a checkbox allowing you to opt in for automatic payments.) If you select this option, you would then receive an email in the future upon successful payment, or if the payment failed to go through.

Read more information and instructions on how to set up automatic payments and manage invoices.

If you use Melio, you may also make a payment  at

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