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How can I access my domain account if I don't have the password, pin number, or access to the email account it's associated with?

If your domain name is registered with us at, and you’ve lost access to the account, you’ve got two main options to pursue. If you think you may have the 4 digit pin #, call the registrar support at (480) ... READ MORE 

How do I get a domain name?

If you don’t already have your domain name registered, but you have an idea of what you want, we recommend not waiting. Good .com domains are hard to come by these days. You not only have to compete with legitimate businesses ... READ MORE 

How do I renew my domain name?

If your domain name is registered with us (at then your renewals are set by default to happen automatically. You do have the option of disabling the auto renewals, in which case you would need to renew them manually ... READ MORE