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Can I pay an invoice with an electronic check?

Yes you can. You can make a payment directly from your bank account using an ACH payment, and can even save the details for future payments. There’s a few steps involved in getting it set up the first time, but ... READ MORE 

How do I update my saved payment information for hosting or maintenance invoices?

Open any invoice that you received in the past from your email, or log into your Client account if you’ve been saving your Invoices in FreshBooks You should be viewing the invoice that is automatically billing you. Any saved credit cards will appear here ... READ MORE 

How can I update my credit card information on my domain account?

Log in to your account at Click the Account settings menu, and then select Payment methods. Next to the card you want to use, click Edit. Make any needed changes to the card (expiration date, name, etc.) and then click Save. 

I’m seeing a charge from "dnh domain hosting services", is this legit?

Possibly. If you Googled the description and found us as a result, it’s only because we’ve posted this information to try to help people, not because we have charged your card. If your domain names are registered through our domain ... READ MORE 

How do I add a new payment method to my domain account?

Log in to your domain account with us at and do the following: Click on your name at the top right of the screen, then click the Visit My Account button. From the Account settings menu, select Payment methods. Find ... READ MORE