Sandy Aronson

Our small nonprofit organization searched for over a year for a qualified person to help us redesign our dingy website. Thankfully we were referred to Nathan Lyle at My Web Maestro. From start to finish, Nathan worked with us to deliver a website that we are proud of. Nathan has a great eye for design. Throughout the process, he was very fast to respond to requests. I am the person from our organization who worked with Nathan in providing content and making basic changes to our site’s pages, and I found Nathan an excellent and patient teacher. The end result of this “team approach” was that our organization now has a professional looking website which we can make changes to on our own. We’d recommend Nathan to organizations both large and small – he can work with you to get exactly what you need, for a reasonable price.


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About Nathan Lyle

Nathan is a father of four, an amateur musician, and an aspiring photographer. He started programming in 4th grade on an Apple II+ and many years later spent much of his college years freelancing website design for college departments. Nathan is a veteran of the Browser Wars, and will gladly talk at length about the changes he has seen in Web technology if you accidentally ask him.