Allison Leet

This spring we worked with Nathan to move our outdated website to WordPress platform as well as set up the site to receive orders online. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the results! We have a site that works well with our clients, is simple and easy to use for order placement. My Web Maestro made the transition easy and handled all of the back of the house set up, then took the time to train me how to make basic updates and changes. We are thrilled with our new website!


Posted on by Nathan Lyle

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Nathan is a father of four, an amateur musician, and an aspiring photographer. He started programming in 4th grade on an Apple II+ and many years later spent much of his college years freelancing website design for college departments. Nathan is a veteran of the Browser Wars, and will gladly talk at length about the changes he has seen in Web technology if you accidentally ask him.