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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates allow your website to be more secure - the traffic between your server and your website visitor is encrypted. (Visibly it's in place when you see https instead of http in the address.)

Our hosting plans all come with a free SSL Certificate. This is provided through cPanel's AutoSSL, a feature that automatically installs and renews certificates. In most cases, the SSL will automatically assign and install itself to your new and existing domains.

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Why use a paid SSL instead of the free one?

Recently there have been more and more instances where certificates installed via the free AutoSSL service become corrupted or fail to renew, leaving a site less protected. (In most cases this ends up meaning that a browser shows a "not secure" warning to someone trying to visit the site.) Purchasing an SSL is a more guaranteed way of ensuring your website is secure.

Depending on what you use your website for, it may also make sense to install a higher level SSL certificate. (This is not an essential step for the majority of small business websites.) A basic SSL validates the domain name, but higher level paid SSL certificates will validate your ownership of the domain and business information. Paid certificates also come with more support and a warranty.

Here are some of the SSL products we have available through

Standard SSL (1-Site)

$39.99 / per year

Standard SSL (5-Site)

$73.99 / per year

Standard SSL (Wildcard)

$255.99 / per year

Premium SSL (1-Site)

$131.99 / per year

Premium SSL (5-Site)

$312.99 / per year