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In all the many years I’ve been working with people, building websites for them, there have always been many of my clients who make the request to have all outgoing links on their website pop open a new window or … read more Your website is not the Hotel California

Some people, in seeking to keep costs down, will skip building a website for their business and just use a Facebook page. It’s online, it lets you post information and photos, so isn’t that just as good as a website? … read more Do I Really Need a Website? I’ve Already Got a Facebook Page…

If you have a tight budget, it can be tempting to use a template or a website service that is based on templates that allow you to customize some of the template components. It can feel very empowering to sign … read more What’s Wrong With Using a Design Template?

If you’d like your website to be completely ignored by everyone, make it a copy of your company’s old brochures. Use lots of sentences like “Our primary goal is to provide synergistic business solutions” and “We utilize proactive approaches to … read more The Quickest Way To Get Ignored On The Web

The email looks official… PayPal is telling you that you have to log in to unfreeze your account, or to update your information, so you click the link and enter your password on the website that comes up. In almost … read more Don’t Get Caught When Others Go Phishing

Email is fast and convenient. However, this often results in less than professional use of email by business professionals. Just as your outfit or handshake make an impression on your clients and associates, your email also creates an impression of … read more Successful Business Email Practices