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Website Blast From the Past

Most days I hate to admit how long I’ve been in the website making business. Though sometimes it can be fun, like when I can say “I remember the browser wars, those were different times.” (Said in my best “old ... READ MORE 

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Is Online Privacy Even a Thing Anymore?

Quick answer: not really. In today’s Internet embedded world, it’s literally amazing (in the original definition and sense of the word) what can be known about you. If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably in a bit of a ... READ MORE 

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Keeping your WordPress plugins up to date

WordPress is a very powerful and convenient tool for your website to live in. However, if you let the software get too old, it can also become a very easy way for hackers to compromise your website. To increase the ... READ MORE 

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The Devil’s in the Details (Of Your Email)

You may not have ever given it much thought, but your email address actually says things about you. I don’t mean it’s talking smack, but it does reveal some things about you. For example… (with admittedly a bit of sass) ... READ MORE 

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Lasting "Big Change" Only Happens Through Incremental Small Steps

In the spirit of New Years resolutions (if you’ve been too busy working 80 hour weeks, you may not have noticed, but it’s now 2017!) I wanted to take a moment to talk about making changes. It’s fairly common for people ... READ MORE 

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