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WordPress Update 5.6

If you subscribe to one of our maintenance plans, then this month (December 2020) we’ll be updating your WordPress software to version 5.6, which is now available. This version is named for American singer and songwriter Nina Simone.  Much of ... READ MORE 

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New Malware Trick (Form Spam)

There are always new tricks being tried to get you to reveal information or download malware to your computer. The most recent common one we’ve seen has tried to use fear of legal repercussions to get you to click a ... READ MORE 

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Don’t be Fooled by Predatory PayPal Money Requests

This isn’t a case of PayPal acting in a predatory manner, but of people taking advantage of one of the PayPal features where you can request money from anyone with an email address. While it’s great that there’s an easy ... READ MORE 

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Meeting People & Doing Business Virtually

With self imposed quarantine and social distancing changing our national routine almost overnight, being able to connect with each other over the Internet is more important than ever. If you haven’t already found a good tool you can use to ... READ MORE 

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Controversial cPanel Price Increase

cPanel has been the world’s most popular control panel for Linux-based servers. Chances are, if you’ve purchased website hosting, you’ve encountered cPanel at some point. The software is licensed by hosting providers, and license fees are typically wrapped into the ... READ MORE 

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