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Big Changes in the Land of Giants

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If you’re the kind of person who isn’t sure what a browser is, and have always just thought of that E icon on your desktop as the icon for the Internet, you probably don’t care about this news. However, if you’ve ever had a preference between any of the browser giants, you might be surprised to hear that Microsoft has decided to swap out their browser engine for Google’s. (If you’re a bit behind, you may not yet know that … continue reading Big Changes in the Land of Giants  

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The Joy of Having Only One Inbox

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Do you have multiple email addresses that you’re having to check? Are you running into problems with storage space because you never delete emails? If so, you may want to consider using a free Gmail account to manage all your email. While Google does have more robust email solutions available, their free Gmail service allows you to receive and send email from non Google email accounts. By using Gmail, these are some of the benefts: ONE INBOX (caps because this … continue reading The Joy of Having Only One Inbox  

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How Important is Social Media?

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The short answer: it depends.  Being on social media as a business will not work the same way for every kind of business. There are many factors that will go into a successful (or not) social online presence. Some types of business work effortlessly with some social platforms, because of the nature of the product or service, and the audience interested in them. However, not all social platforms (or businesses) are created equally.  One of the most common mistakes is … continue reading How Important is Social Media?  

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Website Blast From the Past

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Most days I hate to admit how long I’ve been in the website making business. Though sometimes it can be fun, like when I can say “I remember the browser wars, those were different times.” (Said in my best “old man” voice.) Looking at old websites is kind of like looking at pictures from your old school year book… it’s always good for a few minutes of wondering what the heck we were all thinking in terms of what looked … continue reading Website Blast From the Past  

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It’s funny (ok not really) how even when they include legally required text about the message being an “offer” and “solicitation” they can still use CAPS and other methods to make you focus on the scary words to drive action. The email below attempts to get you to click and make an online payment, and not doing so “may result in the cancelling of this search engine optimization notification offer.”  It’s always good to make sure you’ve read the words … continue reading Domain SEO Service – EXPIRATION OFFER NOTIFICATION  

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