Managing Your Invoices & Payment Information

Note: This information is only for invoices that are NOT for domain names. All domain name billing is handled directly through

Our regular billing goes out by email. You will receive an invoice that looks like the following:


Clicking the green button will let you view the invoice online and make a payment. You should see something like the following:

From the More Actions drop down, you can download a PDF of the invoice.

You can enter your card info under the "Make a Payment" section to make an immediate payment. (There's a checkbox under the payment section that lets you save the card information so you don't have to type it in every time.)

You can also choose to Save this Invoice which will let you create a free account on Freshbooks where you can view past invoices as well as any current ones. If you've done this before, you can also click the blue "Log in to view all invoices" link at the top to get to your list of invoices, or go directly to

If you save an invoice, you'll be prompted to enter a password, to create the account where your invoices will be visible from. NOTE: If you have previously saved an invoice, you should log in directly or use the blue link mentioned above. You only need to save one invoice to create your account.


When logged in and viewing an invoice, you can click the blue Invoices link to go back to a listing of all of your invoices. Otherwise, you'll see you have the same options you had if you hadn't saved it and created an account.

If you've previously saved your card information, you'll be given the option to use that stored card, or add a new one.

If you hover over a saved card, you'll see a trash can icon - this will let you remove a previously saved card.


On your main screen, you'll see a summary of your account with us, and a list of the invoices. Freshbooks also lets you use the account to send invoices of your own - if interested, click the green Create Invoice button to the top right to learn more.

If at any point you have questions or run into problems, please let us know right away.

(If you know how to whitelist emails in your email client, you may also want to whitelist one of the first invoice emails we send you, to be sure that future messages don't get accidentally flagged as spam by your email client.)


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