Get 50% Your Next Hosting Bill!

If you host a website with My Web Maestro, all you have to do to get 50% off your next invoice is refer someone to us for hosting! If they sign up to have their site hosted here, you’ll get the 50% discount. If you send two people our way who sign up? You just got yourself a 100% discount. No limits – we’ll keep taking 50% off for each new client you send our way. (If you go beyond the initial 100% we’ll just start applying the discounts to your next hosting invoices.)

The people you refer don’t have to hire us for web design or any other services. We can transfer an existing website, or we can help with them with a new one. Either way, you get the discount!

Questions? Just ask

Rules are few… just make sure they tell us it was you that sent them. Discount only applies for new referrals. Discount is applied upon our receipt of the new referrals first hosting invoice.