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Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans all come with an above average list of extra features. Our servers are monitored 24/7, and all accounts include automatic backups. We use industry-standard software and systems that include the ability for you to install many third-party software packages (such as WordPress) for at no additional charge. 

We're not your typical automated big-box generic hosting provider - we're here to help and answer your questions. Most of our web hosting customers are clients we’ve designed a website for, but web hosting is available as a stand-alone service. View plan information or sign up below to get started - we'll have your account up and running within a few hours. 


WordPress Friendly

All of our hosting plans come with free access to three premium WordPress plugins (a value of $316 per year) which we will install and configure for you. 

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Free SSL Certificate

We provide a free AutoSSL certificate service with our hosting, which allows you to utilize a basic “entry level” SSL encryption for your website. Depending on how you use your website, you may want to consider a higher level SSL, which can be purchased at most domain registrars. (We also provide several higher level SSL options through our hosting network and our domain store.)  

($118.80 / yearly)
3 GB Disk Space
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
6 Email Accounts
1 Add-On Domain
2 Sub Domains
5 Parked Domains
2 MySQL Databases
1 FTP User Account
($194.40 / yearly)
5 GB Disk Space
20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
8 Email Accounts
2 Add-On Domains
4 Sub Domains
10 Parked Domains
4 MySQL Databases
2 FTP User Account
($270 / yearly)
8 GB Disk Space
30 GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Email Accounts
3 Add-On Domains
6 Sub Domains
15 Parked Domains
6 MySQL Databases
3 FTP User Account
($334.80 / yearly)
10 GB Disk Space
40 GB Monthly Bandwidth
12 Email Accounts
4 Add-On Domains
8 Sub Domains
20 Parked Domains
8 MySQL Databases
4 FTP User Account


OPTIONAL UPGRADE: If your website is built on WordPress, we offer a hosting upgrade for just $2 more a month that will provide access to many premium plugins that require a paid annual license. (We maintain developer licenses on these so you can get access for a fraction of the cost.) Learn more!

Ready to Get Online?

We'll get your account set up and start your recurring invoicing right away. Your hosting invoice will be sent to you by email. You can pay by check or online with a credit or debit card. Pay annually and save 10% off the monthly cost!

Why Not Unlimited Space or Bandwidth?

Many hosting companies sell the same space and bandwidth to multiple customers at a time, counting on you to not actually use it. They “say” it’s unlimited, but if you were to try to start burning through your space or bandwidth they would quickly shut you down. At My Web Maestro, we adhere to both the laws of physics and common decency. We only sell you what we’re really providing to you.

Need a Domain Name?

If you haven't already registered your domain name, you can do so with us through our domain store at by starting your search here: