Web Hosting

Our hosting plans all come with a ton of features. Support is provided locally, by real people, and our servers are monitored 24/7. Sign up for a year at a time and save 10% off the monthly cost!

Most of our hosting customers are clients we’ve designed a website for, but hosting is available as a stand-alone service. If you need hosting, just get in touch and let us know. We can have you up and running typically within an hour or two.

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Third Party Software

You can manage your hosting account through a control panel called cPanel, which provides a lot of great management utilities right out of the box. In addition, you can install many third party software applications right from cPanel. There are even some built-in tutorials and links to additional assistance.


One of the more popular software applications run on our hosting accounts is WordPress. The software itself is free, and there are even some free themes out there (though caution should be exercised in downloading and installing anything from the Web that you’re not sure you can trust… please let us know if you have questions about anything you run into!)

Essentially, WordPress is a great solution for someone who doesn’t have a lot of technical knowledge about editing web pages, but needs to have access to update content frequently. Perfect for the do-it-yourself type. The main WordPress site is a good resource for personal blogs, but for a business site, you’ll want to have WordPress installed on your own hosting account, in order to have full control of the platform.

Gravity Forms

Free for you! We maintain a developer’s license with Gravity Forms (one of the best WordPress form building plugins) allowing us to quickly and easily integrate your website’s forms with a variety of third party optional Add-Ons for services like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

iThemes Security Pro

Free for you! We also have a developer’s license for iThemes Security Pro that hosting with us will give you free access to. Your WordPress website needs a WordPress security strategy that includes a trusted WordPress security plugin like iThemes Security Pro.  iThemes Security Pro works to fix common WordPress security issues you may not know exist. By adding an extra layer of protection, iThemes Security Pro helps give you peace of mind—and keeps the bad guys out.


Free for you! If we’ve built a WordPress site for you on our hosting services, you can also utilize the CleanTalk service, through our developer account, on your site for free. CleanTalk saves on time and headaches by fighting the spammers for you!

Free SSL!

We provide a free AutoSSL certificate service with our hosting, which allows you to utilize a basic “entry level” SSL encryption for your website. Depending on how you use your website, you may want to consider a higher level SSL, which can be purchased at most domain registrars. (We also provide several higher level SSL options through our hosting network and our domain store.)  

Want More?

If your website is built on WordPress, we offer a hosting upgrade for just $2 more a month that will provide access to many premium (paid) plugins, so you don’t have to buy them directly. (We maintain developer licenses to save you $$$ on individual license fees!)

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  • Get 50% Off!

    If you host your site with us, and send us another client who also signs up for hosting, we’ll give you a credit worth 50% your next hosting bill.

    Why Not Unlimited Space or Bandwidth?

    Many hosting companies sell the same space and bandwidth to multiple customers at a time, counting on you to not actually use it. They “say” it’s unlimited, but if you were to try to start burning through your space or bandwidth they would quickly shut you down. At My Web Maestro, we adhere to both the laws of physics and common decency. We only sell you what we’re really providing to you.