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Our web hosting plans come with an above average list of extra features. Our servers are monitored 24/7, and all accounts include automatic backups. We use industry-standard software and systems that include the ability for you to install many third-party software packages (such as WordPress) for at no additional charge. 

We're not your typical automated big-box generic hosting provider - we're here to help and answer your questions. Most of our web hosting customers are clients we’ve designed a website for, but web hosting is available as a stand-alone service. View plan information or sign up below to get started - we'll have your account up and running within a few hours. 


WordPress Friendly

My Web Maestro uses WordPress almost exclusively for building new websites. We can also transfer existing WordPress websites to our server, or set up a fresh installation on a new hosting account for you to work at building yourself. 

All of our hosting plans come with free access to three premium WordPress plugins (a value of hundreds of dollars per year) which we will install and configure for you at no cost.

  • Gravity Forms Pro - powerful drag and drop form builder
  • Solid Security Pro - protect against hackers
  • Admin Columns Pro - supercharge your post editing

Additional plugins available through our WordPress software maintenance plan!


SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate encrypts the connection between your website and it's visitors. In your browser you would see https instead of just http, and usually a little lock icon next to the address at top left.

Our hosting comes with a free SSL certificate (issued by Let's Encrypt) through cPanel's AutoSSL service. These certificates auto-renew every few months, and are a great solution for lower budgets and websites that aren't mission critical.

If you want a traditional longer-term certiciate, you can use a standard 1-year SSL certificate. You can obtain these from many providers (typically domain registrars) and we offer them as well, starting at $39.99, through our domain store at (NOTE: standard SSL certificates don't cover subdomains.)

($135 / yearly)
4 GB Disk Space
12 GB Monthly Bandwidth
6 Email Accounts
1 Add-On Domain
2 Sub Domains
5 Parked Domains
2 MySQL Databases
1 FTP User Account
($216 / yearly)
8 GB Disk Space
22 GB Monthly Bandwidth
8 Email Accounts
2 Add-On Domains
4 Sub Domains
10 Parked Domains
4 MySQL Databases
2 FTP User Accounts
($297 / yearly)
12 GB Disk Space
32 GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Email Accounts
3 Add-On Domains
6 Sub Domains
15 Parked Domains
6 MySQL Databases
3 FTP User Accounts
Piano *
($324 / yearly)
10 GB Disk Space
200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
6 Email Accounts
1 Add-On Domain
2 Sub Domains
5 Parked Domains
2 MySQL Databases
1 FTP User Account
($378 / yearly)
16 GB Disk Space
42 GB Monthly Bandwidth
12 Email Accounts
4 Add-On Domains
8 Sub Domains
20 Parked Domains
8 MySQL Databases
4 FTP User Accounts

Prices are subject to change. Plans are non-refundable but may be cancelled at any time.

* Our "Piano" plan is configured for sites that need room for a seasonal jump in bandwidth - typically associated with tourist business.

  • When you sign up for a hosting plan, we will set up an automatic invoice that you'll receive by email. No payment is taken by completing the form below. 

  • If a hosting plan is paid for annually, you will receive a 10% discount off it's monthly cost.

  • The main difference between plans is the available disk space and monthly bandwidth. If you exceed either of those, you may need to upgrade your plan.

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