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Five Reasons to Hire a Business Writer

Posted on by Brad Veley

Want to know a secret? One of the best and most cost-effective ways to boost sales and profits during a recession is to hire a savvy, experienced business writer. An intelligent writer who understands your company, employees, the competition and market conditions can:

  • Help increase sales
  • Win new customers
  • Build brand awareness
  • Strengthen a sagging marketing strategy
  • Enhance internal communication and productivity

Here are five reasons why hiring a writer may be the best investment you can make this year:

1) Business writers put their skill and knowledge to work for you.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re an expert in your profession, but probably not as a writer. A professional business writer can help develop fresh marketing ideas and explain key concepts and processes to customers and employees in simple, streamlined language. A writer will take the time to prepare your website and printed materials correctly, the first time. That means you and your key employees are free to concentrate one-hundred percent on what you do best: running the business and making it grow.

2) A skilled writer targets your message to the right audience in an appealing way.

Your company’s image is important. A good writer will correct grammatical errors and replace worn-out clichés in your signs, website and printed materials with uncluttered, attention-getting text. Who are your ideal customers? What are their likes and dislikes? What motivates them? An experienced writer can tailor all of your company’s marketing materials so that they speak in a unified, recognizable and consistent voice—your voice—to that target audience. A professional writer creates, with words, the emotional connection customers feel when doing business with you. And the fact is, with very few exceptions, most customers make buying choices based on their emotions—not price.

3) An experienced business writer provides a fresh perspective.

The average business owner today is over-worked and stressed-out. It’s nearly impossible to maintain an objective, ‘big-picture’ view of your company when you’re up to your ears in it every waking moment. The problem, however, is that a balanced point of view is crucial to making the best decisions for the overall enterprise. A seasoned business writer can provide an invaluable second pair of eyes to help you see your business in a fresh way and redirect creative energy where it’s needed most. A writer can identify missing materials, suggest alternative ways of getting your message out, spot communication problem areas and offer solutions. Are your internal documents, training and safety manuals easy to read and up to date? Is it time for a new company slogan? How about a regular newsletter to your customers?

4) A writer can reduce your work load.

Your job is to work on your business, not in it. If writing isn’t your cup of tea, don’t waste precious time struggling with it or fretting because it isn’t getting done! Turn those ‘to-do’ writing projects over to a business professional who writes for a living. You’ll be amazed how quickly that overwhelming list can be whittled, item by item, to a very manageable size. Work will be fun again, and you’ll probably sleep better, too.

5) Writers: the business world’s most underrated and invaluable temps.

Most business writers are independent contractors who get the job done and move on. No taxes or fixed overhead expenses for you to pay, no worrying about finding enough work to keep them busy. When the project is over, they leave. (Of course, most are very willing to come back when needed again!)

Let’s be honest: like most entrepreneurs, you’re an articulate, intelligent, decisive and energetic person. You’re probably capable of writing passable business and marketing copy. But are you the best person for the job? And, more to the point: do you have the time? When it comes to an intelligent division of labor, hiring an experienced, results-oriented business writer may be one of the best things you do for your company, employees, family and your peace of mind this year.

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