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Frequently Asked Questions

We've included information below for the questions most often asked, along with examples and additional links. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please let us know.


There are as many ways for email to go wrong as there are email servers and software out there. If you’re not receiving our emails, it’s possible your service or software is flagging us as a spam source. You can address this most often by setting up a filter or adding us to a whitelist within your service or software. We’ve created a list of instructions for various email software that we hope will help.

Every web browser has a folder where files are stored for every web page you visit. The files are images, style information, etc., that tell the browser how to display the page. Every time you visit a web page, your browser checks to see if it has a copy of the files already stored in the cache, which allows it to display the page faster. This can be really great, until you find yourself trying to view a change on a web page that doesn’t seem to show up even though you’re sure you saved it.

Because browsers are all a little different, there’s no one set of instructions for clearing your cache. However, you can find very helpful information specific to your browser by visiting

Web Hosting

Yes. Your web hosting with My Web Maestro includes a control panel (cPanel) that has a few tools built in for viewing traffic statistics. Once you log into cPanel, look for the section of icons on the main page for “statistics” to see the various options. We recommend using Awstats. (Definitions and explanations of Awstats terminology and labels)

For information on how Awstats compares to the other typical cPanel options, see

While the built-in stats software can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your site’s traffic, if you really want detailed information we recommend using Google Analytics (which requires additional setup.)

Definitely! In many cases, we actually would recommend you do this, in order to avoid filling up your hosting account’s space with emails. You can create an email address on your hosting account, and instead of forwarding mail, you can just tell Gmail to check and send through that account. This keeps your hosting space cleared out, and lets you still use your domain for your email (instead of a generic address.)


Domain Names

If your domain name is registered with us at, and you’ve lost access to the account, you’ve got two main options to pursue.

  1. If you think you may have the 4 digit pin #, call the registrar support at (480) 624-2500. If they can validate the account with a pin, they can assist with changing any contact info and change the password so you can regain account access.
  2. Request an account update through This will involve uploading proof of identity, usually a driver’s license, possibly some documentation regarding business ownership depending on the situation.

NOTE: if your domain name has expired and you currently are unable to log in to get your payment information updated, you should do the above as quickly as possible so that you’re able to renew your domain within it’s grace period. 

If you don’t already have your domain name registered, but you have an idea of what you want, we recommend not waiting. Good .com domains are hard to come by these days. You not only have to compete with legitimate businesses and organizations, but “domain squatters” will also grab names in the hopes of selling them at a higher price.

If you already DO have a domain name registered, it’s always best if you register any new domain names on the same account to keep as organized as possible. If you’ve already registered some domain names elsewhere but would like to consolidate them with us, then you can register a new domain name here and we can assist in transferring your previous domains. 

Our domain store is located at but you can start your search right here:

If your domain name is registered with us (at then your renewals are set by default to happen automatically. You do have the option of disabling the auto renewals, in which case you would need to renew them manually to not lose them.

To renew a domain name manually, log in to You can then go either to My Products or My Renewals, from the drop down menu at the top right of the screen (where it says your name.)

You’ll see a Renew Now button in either location that will let you submit the renewal.

Billing & Payment

Yes you can. You can make a payment directly from your bank account using an ACH payment, and can even save the details for future payments. There’s a few steps involved in getting it set up the first time, but it’s a great alternative to having to write out a check or use a credit/debit card.

See our ACH instructions post for details.

  1. Open any invoice that you received in the past from your email, or log into your Client account if you’ve been saving your Invoices in FreshBooks
  2. You should be viewing the invoice that is automatically billing you. Any saved credit cards will appear here (or you can click on Manage Payments)
  3. Click on the Update Credit Card link
  4. Re-enter your new credit card information and click Save Card
  5. Your new details will be saved for re-use on future Invoices.

Or, if you need to remove the information from our system:

  1. Open any invoice that you received in the past from your email, or log into your Client account if you’ve been saving your Invoices in FreshBooks
  2. You should be viewing the invoice that is automatically billing you. Any saved credit cards will appear here (or you can click on Manage Payments)
  3. Hover over the credit card until you see a trash can icon appear next to it
  4. Click on the trash can icon
  5. Click on Remove Credit Card to confirm
  6. The Recurring Invoice will no longer automatically bill you again and will need to be paid manually each time by you now.
  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click the Account settings menu, and then select Payment methods.
  3. Next to the card you want to use, click Edit.
  4. Make any needed changes to the card (expiration date, name, etc.) and then click Save


If you Googled the description and found us as a result, it’s only because we’ve posted this information to try to help people, not because we have charged your card.

If your domain names are registered through our domain store ( then “dnh domain hosting services” is the name that will show up on your statement for domain name related charges. However, our domain store is managed through GoDaddy’s reseller program, and “dnh domain hosting services” is their generic payment processing descriptor. This means that any charge from GoDaddy or any of their thousands of resellers will also show that charge description on a statement.

ATTENTION: If you found this page through a web search, but have never worked with us here at My Web Maestro on a website, it’s most likely that the charge is related to another reseller and not us. It’s also possible your card information was stolen and used to make a purchase with GoDaddy or a domain reseller. If you’ve worked with us at any time in the past, please contact us and we’ll try to help track things down. IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF OUR CLIENTS, PLEASE CONTACT GODADDY DIRECTLY AT (480) 505-8877.

Do you need a domain name? Start your search here:

Log in to your domain account with us at and do the following:

  1. Click on your name at the top right of the screen, then click the Visit My Account button.
  2. From the Account settings menu, select Payment methods.
  3. Find and click on Add payment method (this is where you can also edit existing card information.)
  4. Complete the on-screen fields for the payment option you’d like to include.

You may also want to go to Account Settings then Renewals & Billing to confirm that your domains are assigned to the correct payment method, in order to avoid any billing issues.

If you have a domain name through us, at, payment is typically made directly to the registrar via the payment method you put in place.

All other services (hosting, design, etc.) are invoiced via email from us, and will include links to allow for viewing the invoice and making payment online.

Alternately, you can always mail a check to:

My Web Maestro
3550 Executive Pkwy Ste 7 Box 157
Toledo, OH 43606

Please note: when paying an invoice for web hosting or any other recurring payment online, you can choose to have future payments drawn automatically (there should be a checkbox allowing you to opt in for automatic payments.) If you select this option, you would then receive an email in the future upon successful payment, or if the payment failed to go through.

Read more information and instructions on how to set up automatic payments and manage invoices.

If you use Melio, you may also make a payment  at

Yes, with some limitations.

Domain names or domain related products at will automatically bill your saved card information unless you specify otherwise. The domain store’s billing is separate from all other My Web Maestro service billing.

If you are being billed for any non-domain subscription-based service with us (hosting, maintenance plan, etc.) you can easily save your card details (look for the checkbox during payment) so that you are automatically billed each time you are invoiced. 

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, recurring payments work on a per recurring invoice basis. This means if you have two individual repeating invoices with us (for example: one for hosting and one for maintenance, that are sent out separately from each other) you will need to set the automation for each one. If you set the hosting to be automatic but not the maintenance, it only affects hosting. 

If you don’t want to enter your card info every time you make a payment, you can also opt to store your card details at the time you make any online payment, to make future payments easier.

Read more information and instructions on how to set up automatic payments and manage invoices.