Fake cPanel Administrator Emails

I recently received an even more blatant example of phishing in my inbox... it claims to be sent by an admin for cPanel, involving undelivered messages. They use that because they know that people will worry about missing emails, and are likely to click a link before thinking too deeply about it. Always triple-think before you click a link in an email.

One of the main clues in this particular message was the email address it supposedly came from (support@bartleyreaity.com) which has nothing to do with anything I'm involved in. Aside from that, email message's "from" address and name are easily spoofed, so you typically shouldn't take it for granted, even if that part looks legit.

A bigger clue is that nobody from cPanel would ever email you directly regarding email messages. They use cPanel because it sounds official... cPanel is software that many hosting companies use to manage the servers. However, cPanel rarely has any direct contact with end users. 

Finally, when hovering over the links in the email (being careful not to click) I was able to see that they all go to the exact same address. Their goal is to get me to click that address, which would let them download malware to my computer.

Here's what this latest one looked like:

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