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It’s funny (ok not really) how even when they include legally required text about the message being an “offer” and “solicitation” they can still use CAPS and other methods to make you focus on the scary words to drive action.

The email below attempts to get you to click and make an online payment, and not doing so “may result in the cancelling of this search engine optimization notification offer.”  It’s always good to make sure you’ve read the words on either side of the attention words like “cancelling“.  Any email that describes itself as an offer is admitting you can ignore it.

As a general rule, it’s good practice to NEVER click a link in an email like this, whether to make a payment or even to “unsubscribe” as it’s one of the common ways that your computer can get infected with all sorts of nasty malware. (Even if an email looks like it’s from a legit sender, like PayPal, it’s always better to just go to the site manually and log in rather than clicking a link. Only click if you’re absolutely sure you trust the source and were expecting it.)

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