Domain Names

Your domain name is your identity on the Web. Names are not actually purchased, but are registered for a set period of time. Even if you’re not ready to put a website together, you can reserve your domain name today to avoid letting someone else get it first. If your business or organization has a name that is easily misspelled, you may want to consider registering multiple domain names which can then all point to the same website.

You should always consider your choice in domain names carefully. You want to protect your brand (whether business or organization) but you also want to make sure you avoid any unintended consequences. 

You can search for your new domain name at – or use the search on this page to get started.

Domain Name Transfers

Transferring a domain name to us has the same cost as registering a new domain name, and includes a 1-year free extension. You can transfer your existing domain names from any other registrar. When transferring a domain, you don’t lose the time you’ve already paid for—we just add a year to what you already have!

You can transfer domains yourself or get in touch and let us help you through it. 

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate keeps you and your customers safe by protecting the information that’s flowing to and from your website. It encrypts names, addresses, passwords, account and credit card numbers and more so hackers and other online criminals can’t read them. It establishes the website’s authenticity and credibility and enables the browser and Web server to build a secure, encrypted connection. We provide free basic SSL certificates with our hosting accounts, however, we also provide other options through our domain store. Read more information about the different types of paid SSL certificates available at

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    All Domains Come With:

    • Domain Forwarding and Masking
      Direct any domain name you own to your website. Anyone who types that domain name into their browser is taken directly to your website.
    • Domain Locking
      Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your nameservers.
    • Total DNS Control
       Manage your domain nameserver (DNS) records and set your email, FTP, sub-domains and website location all from one control panel.
    • Change of Registration
       Assign your domain name to someone else or change the contacts for your domain online anytime.
    • Status Alerts
       Monitor the status of your domain and get instant alerts if there’s been a change.
    • Auto Renew Protection
       No need to watch expiration dates to make sure you renew on time! Auto renew keeps your domains, hosting, website builders, and other products in your name and under your control.