The Devil’s in the Details (Of Your Email)

You may not have ever given it much thought, but your email address actually says things about you. I don't mean it's talking smack, but it does reveal some things about you. For example... (with admittedly a bit of sass) 
Translation: "I don't worry about making a distinction between work and personal email. Or, I haven't worried about taking the time to set up a work email address. Or, I don't want to take the time to either check a separate work email all the time or figure out how to route multiple emails to one inbox."
Translation: "I'm not really worried whether you know who you're emailing or not. We got this free email account 10 years ago and I just it for everything."

Translation: "I'm just comfortable using this email address I got 100 years ago and I don't want to learn anything new. Besides, I only check my email once every month anyway because I get so much spam, and I usually forget my password."
Translation: "I'm personable and professional. I've taken the time to be organized so you can trust the work I'll do for you."

In a nutshell... it's always best to use your business domain name for business emails. You don't necessarily have to manage a second email account - for example, if you use gmail for your personal email, you can set gmail to check mail from other email accounts. This means you can have a business related email address but still check one inbox. It's a win win.

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