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Keeping your WordPress plugins up to date

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WordPress is a very powerful and convenient tool for your website to live in. However, if you let the software get too old, it can also become a very easy way for hackers to compromise your website. To increase the odds that you will avoid spam, viruses, and embarrassing defacement, be sure to keep up to date. The main WordPress application itself will have updates available from time to time, but every plugin installed on your website has different developers, … continue reading Keeping your WordPress plugins up to date  

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WordPress 4.6 Released

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WordPress 4.6 has been released, named “Pepper Adams” in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III (the different versions have been named after jazz artists.)  A lot of the changes are under the hood where you might not notice, but some of the things that may stand out to you include: Streamlined Updates – when you update, install, or delete plugins, you no longer have to navigate away from the page (much easier to not get lost!) More … continue reading WordPress 4.6 Released  

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