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As if it wasn’t hard enough finding time to keep your website up to date, now everybody is telling you to create and post to a bunch of social media sites, too. Not enough time in the day, amiright? Like many things, there’s no black and white easy to determine approach to this. That being said, I would like to make … read more

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Do I Really Need a Website? I’ve Already Got a Facebook Page…

Some people, in seeking to keep costs down, will skip building a website for their business and just use a Facebook page. It’s online, it lets you post information and photos, so isn’t that just as good as a website? Nope! First, let me say that you almost most certainly should have a Facebook page for your business. While there … read more

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Can Businesses Be Social?

If you haven’t heard of Twitter or Facebook, it’s likely you’ve been on another planet for the last five years. Just when you were getting comfortable with this whole Web thing, now everyone’s talking about social media, tweets and photo streams. The real question, if you’re a small business owner, is whether or not these new uses of technology have … read more

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