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How to Pay an Invoice With ACH (Electronic Check From Your Bank Account)

Paying an invoice directly from your bank account is a great way to save some time and cut down on your credit card costs. There’s a few steps involved in getting things set up, but you can set the system ... READ MORE 

How To Make Sure You Receive Our Emails

If you are having trouble receiving email from My Web Maestro, it’s possible that our mail is getting flagged as spam and either being deleted or sent to your junk/spam folder. We recommend that you “whitelist” our domain name or ... READ MORE 

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Managing Your Invoices & Payment Information

Note: This information is only for invoices that are NOT for domain names. All domain name billing is handled directly through Our regular billing goes out by email. You will receive an invoice that looks like the following: Clicking ... READ MORE 

Using Gmail To Check Another Email Account

You can take advantage of Google’s large server space (and save your hosting account’s space for your website) by pulling your email in to your Gmail address. By setting up a POP connection, Google will log in to your email ... READ MORE