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The Joy of Having Only One Inbox

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Do you have multiple email addresses that you’re having to check? Are you running into problems with storage space because you never delete emails? If so, you may want to consider using a free Gmail account to manage all your email. While Google does have more robust email solutions available, their free Gmail service allows you to receive and send email from non Google email accounts. By using Gmail, these are some of the benefts: ONE INBOX (caps because this … continue reading The Joy of Having Only One Inbox  

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Website Blast From the Past

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Most days I hate to admit how long I’ve been in the website making business. Though sometimes it can be fun, like when I can say “I remember the browser wars, those were different times.” (Said in my best “old man” voice.) Looking at old websites is kind of like looking at pictures from your old school year book… it’s always good for a few minutes of wondering what the heck we were all thinking in terms of what looked … continue reading Website Blast From the Past  

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Is Online Privacy Even a Thing Anymore?

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Quick answer: not really. In today’s Internet embedded world, it’s literally amazing (in the original definition and sense of the word) what can be known about you. If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably in a bit of a “middle of the fence” zone on the issue… on one hand, you’re a person. Likely a person who doesn’t like other people knowing everything about your personal life. On the other hand, you run a business, one that needs to … continue reading Is Online Privacy Even a Thing Anymore?  

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Keeping your WordPress plugins up to date

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WordPress is a very powerful and convenient tool for your website to live in. However, if you let the software get too old, it can also become a very easy way for hackers to compromise your website. To increase the odds that you will avoid spam, viruses, and embarrassing defacement, be sure to keep up to date. The main WordPress application itself will have updates available from time to time, but every plugin installed on your website has different developers, … continue reading Keeping your WordPress plugins up to date  

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The Devil is in the Details (Of Your Email Address)

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You may not have ever given it much thought, but your email address actually says things about you. I don’t mean it’s talking smack, but it does reveal some things about you. For example…  Translation: “I don’t worry about making a distinction between work and personal email. Or, I haven’t worried about taking the time to set up a work email address. Or, I don’t want to take the time to either check a separate work email all the time … continue reading The Devil is in the Details (Of Your Email Address)  

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