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Nathan is a father of four, an amateur musician, and an aspiring photographer. He started programming in 4th grade on an Apple II+ and many years later spent much of his college years freelancing website design for college departments. Nathan is a veteran of the Browser Wars, and will gladly talk at length about the changes he has seen in Web technology if you accidentally ask him.

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Fake Email Notifications – Yet Another Phishing Example

Yet another example in the long line of emails meant to scare you into clicking a link and giving away the keys to your kingdom... this one mimics notifications sent by some services that let you know when a different ... READ MORE 

Posted on by Nathan Lyle in Email, Security, Spam Hall of Shame

Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics

Starting July 1st, of 2023, Google Analytics 4 will be replacing Universal Analytics (so I guess it’s not so universal after all, lol.)  What does this mean? If you are currently using Google Analytics with your website, you’ll need to ... READ MORE 

Posted on by Nathan Lyle in General News, Marketing, SEO, Software Updates

Proper Format for a Copyright Notice

Copyright is a big issue for anyone putting content out into the world. While nothing works to protect you 100% from those who have no qualm in stealing, it's definitely important to cover your bases as much as possible. Something ... READ MORE 

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Disk Quota Notification Trick

One of the frustrating ways that hackers will try to get access to your website is through official looking notifications that alert you to an issue with your bandwidth or disk space for your hosting account. They hope to get ... READ MORE 

Posted on by Nathan Lyle in Security, Spam Hall of Shame
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The Fear Tactic Yet Again

I recently found another example of emails sent that try to use fear to get you to click a link and very likely install malware that will give the sender access to your computer. This one had a subject of ... READ MORE 

Posted on by Nathan Lyle in Email, Security, Spam Hall of Shame