About My Web Maestro

It’s a good thing to know who you’re working with!

The “Web Maestro” brand began officially back in 2001, when Nathan Lyle (owner) graduated from Northern Michigan University and began doing web design full-time. He had already been working with campus departments on various website projects, and had started meeting and working with local business owners as well.

Over the course of the next ten years, it was a safe bet that if you were in Marquette and looking at a website for a local business, you’d see the “U.P. Web Maestro” name on the bottom of that site.

After several name changes and other business transitions, Nathan now runs My Web Maestro out of Marquette and Ann Arbor, working with clients in over 14 states and 58 cities. 

My Web Maestro currently consists of a team of professional specialists, tied to a network of technical support, fueled by creativity and stubborn determination.

We tend to work most often with small businesses (mom and pop shops) but have worked on projects smaller and much larger. We’ve built everything from static brochure-style sites to ecommerce storefronts to time-saving web apps.

We love what we do. We’re geeks and proudly admit it. But what we really enjoy is seeing our ideas and work put to successful use by people like you. We take pride in being able to help. If you’re looking for a personable web tech service provider with a healthy helping of humor, you’re on the right website.