2017 is Coming Fast… Have You Made Any New Year’s Resolutions?

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Most of us have done it. Figured out something we wanted to change, swore to change it during a fun, champagne filled evening with friends, and promptly forgotten about it within a week flat. I’m not going to offer any inspired words of encouragement to help you get through your next attempt at personal growth… you’re on your own there. But, I can suggest a change that we can help you actually stick to and benefit from. 🙂

Just like your life, your website can benefit from some ongoing evaluation every year. Has your website been living up to your expectations? Has it fallen short? The good news is that it’s much easier to tweak your website and get better results than it is to stop eating cake.

Grab a scrap of paper and a pen (or a napkin if you want to look trendy) and write down the top three things you want your website to be doing but feel that maybe it’s not. Rank them in order of how much you think the website is accomplishing each of those things. We’re talking about generalized things, like “reduced time spent on paperwork” or “increased number of new clients contacting us” as opposed to anything super specific.

Sometimes changes can be made on the website that accomplish your goals directly, other times it takes both changes to the website and to how you think about your website. (If you think of it as a brochure, it’s difficult to see how it can actually go to work for you.)

Final step, send us an email with that list. We’ll review your site and your goals (no charge) and give you some suggestions as to how to get from A to B.

While we can’t make you better at getting to the gym on a regular basis, we can definitely improve your website’s biceps.

From the scattered and sundry folks at My Web Maestro, we wish you a happy and successful 2017 to you and yours!

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